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1 to 1  phone consultation with Shant'e Ragin

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Steps to Beating Your Competitors

  Corporate Communications Services​

1. Leadership Customer Service Training. 

2. How to communicate with Staff & Customers.

3. How to deal with difficult people.

4. In House or Online Trainings & Workshops.

5. How to keep staff motivated virtually. 

******Many others based on your needs******

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After years in business for myself and working for others; I understand both sides of the spectrum. I've worked for companies where the management spoke negatively about the company to the employees. I also know what it is like to feel devalued as an employee. There is a major disconnect in the world both business and personal; the disconnect is Communication. Communications is the most overlooked component to success in all areas. Until you and your leaders have harmony, your entire establishment is IN TROUBLE!

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Mayor Arlene Chapman

As mayor of a small, former Georgia mill town that is now emerging as a valuable historic village, I am pleased to share this with you. Shante Ragin had the vision to approach me about her theater group finding a home with us in Porterdale. When the right venue was developed she did bring her dinner theater to our village. What a huge success! I was honored to tell her that she and her talented group have found a home with us. Her glowing smile and high-energy style are a perfect fit.

Producer/Actor Bill Pacer

Shant'e Ragin is a powerhouse. Caring, diligent, hard-working, dedicated, loyal, and totally professional. She finds solutions, not excuses. My wife, LaDonna Allison, and I love working with Shante and know she will never disappoint. She is a dynamic jet pack of energy and it is an honor to call her friend and colleague.

Tangie Brickhouse Beaty

Words can't describe how much Shante Ragin has blessed my life... and the crazy thing is, she doesn't even know it. Not only does she lend her shoulder for a crying soul, but she willingly gives out life lessons and business expertise to many! Shante has shown me, from AFAR... no, we don't talk every day or even every month, but over the 6 years I have known her, she has blessed, shown, and taught me lessons - not by what she says, but by her actions and what she does... As a mother, wife, business owner, mentor, friend, encourager, and cheerleader... Shante Ragin is as real as you can get! YOU ROCK Shante!

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